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Fountains Earth Lofthouse
C E Endowed Primary School

01423 755289

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Vision and Aims

The Governors are at all times mindful of the school’s dual status as laid down by the Education Act of 1944. Making full use of its historic Church of England foundation, the school enjoys excellent links with local churches. Both Religious Education and Collective Worship are highly valued and a powerful and positive Christian ethos permeates the school. At the same time Fountains Earth is a school which belongs to the whole community of Lofthouse and the surrounding area. Our ethos is therefore inclusive of all children, irrespective of their ability, social status or faith background.  The vision of the Governors and staff is to lay a firm foundation for our children, nurtured in a beautiful rural village, to be ready for life in the wider world. 



  • To create a school environment where everyone is safe, valued and inspired to learn.
  • To enable every child to achieve their maximum educational, academic and social potential.
  • To encourage every child to grow in a way that promotes a healthy life style both now and in the future.
  • To promote an interest in the local, national and global dimensions of the curriculum, developing an understanding of diversity and tolerance in relation to other faiths, churches and cultures.
  • To provide the widest range of opportunities possible for the children to access and enjoy the wider life of the school through art, sport, music, drama and dance To promote good behaviour through positive encouragement and role models and have a zero tolerance approach to bullying.  

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