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Purple Mash is an award-winning website for nursery and primary school children. It enables children to explore and enhance their knowledgePurple Mash is an award-winning website for nursery and primary school children. It enables children to explore and enhance their knowledge


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School Council

School Council 2017 - 2018School Council 2017 - 2018

Our new school council consists of pupils from Key Stage 2 and Mrs Metcalfe. In their applications for the post, the pupils expressed a wish to teach farming in school and to develop new games at break times. Watch this space!




School Council News


Federation Fun DayFederation Fun DayThe fabulous federation fun day!
On Tuesday 27th march, we invited St. Cuthbert’s years five and six, and years three and four, to our school for a group of exciting activities. We went to Limley woods for an exciting FUN Easter egg hunt! This was organised by the school councils from Fountains Earth and St. Cuthberts, and it was organised so that we could meet each other, get used to each other and make new friends.

First, year five and six from both schools got on a large, exciting bus to travel to Limley woods. When we arrived, we had to walk up a squelchy, muddy field,(which was kind of disgusting).When we got to the woods we split up into two teams and had a race to see which team was the fastest at collecting the eggs, which was really fun! Once we finished, we went back to school whilst year three and four did the Easter egg hunt/race and we did Easter crafts. After that year three and four came back from their Easter egg hunt. Year five and six had their lunch (which was delicious) whilst year three and four had a break and then we swapped over. Then we all joined in with some games and Fun!
My favorite part was making the Easter cards because I enjoy arts & crafts and I got to meet some new people that I have never spoken to before.

I had a really nice day meeting new people, making new friends and having the Easter egg hunt, OF COURSE!

Easter Federation FunEaster Federation FunEaster Federation Fun
On Tuesday 27th March 2018 the school planned an Easter egg hunt and arty fun .It was amazing! We went to Limly Woods. We invited our federation school St Cuthbert’s to join us in the fun. We did this to get to know each other better and for St Cuthbert’s to have a chance to see our lovely little school.

First, year 5+6 went up to the woods and year3+4 stayed here at Lofthouse and did the arts and crafts, after that year made Easter eggs and Easter cards. Then we swapped were year 3+4 went to the wood and year 5+6 stayed at loft house and made eggs and Easter cards next. When year 3+4 came back we all had lunch. After lunch we played net ball and parachute games. Finally, St Cuthbert’s went back to their school

My favourite part was when we did the egg hunt because I enjoyed running around searching the eggs.

I think that the day was awesome and I can’t wait until we do it again. I really liked spending time and having fun with the St Cuthbert’s children.

Fairtrade Week
On Monday 6th September 2017, the school council held a Fairtrade assembly to help the school understand the meaning of Fairtrade and how the crops grow. The members of the school council are the following: Otto,Emily,Freya,Sam,Mark,Phoebe; we are a great team. The Fairtrade assembly involved pictures, speaking and questions.


One of the questions was, “Where are cocoa pods grown?“It was an amazing question from a year 2; the answer was Ghana in West Africa and Asia, Australia and South America. We also did a competition which was to design at chocolate bar wrapper,  Joseph Swainston,who is in year 5, was the 2017 competition winner. Every year at Fountains Earth we do something to remember and join in with Fairtrade.

Written by Otto Gonnermann Collins Year 6

About Fairtrade
Fairtrade is a brilliant idea that has spread all across the world. Fairtrade is a thing where in shops, people put logos on the food that has come from farmers from different countries. That logo makes sure that the farmers who have produced the item gets a fair amount of money for it. So when you’re in the shops, say buying chocolate, look for the Fairtrade symbol and get the Fairtrade things so that farmers get a fair amount of money for their product!

Written by Emily Clayton Year 6


Governing Body Meeting

The School Council share their work with the governors at an official governing body meeting.







Healthy Eating WeekHealthy Eating Week

Healthy Eating Week

The School Council helped to organise a Healthy Eating Week at school.

See some of the photo's and find out more in our Healthy Eating Week (.pdf) presentation.





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